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What our Clients Say about Us

Intuitive - Thank you, for your outstanding service, and products. I am very happy with my new complextion since I am using your products for a year now.

John Edwards

by Linda

HIGH QUALITY - I am using My Pure Glutathione X10 to lighten my skin, and I am very happy with the results. Since I am very dark skin it took between 4 and 12 weeks to see serious results. Ultramax advised me to exfoliate my skin on a regular basis to see quicker results since it will get rid of old dead skin cells which can buildup on the skin and leave the skin to appear darker then it should. Now I follow this advice. Thank you for your support.

THANK YOU - The Vitamin B3 Serum works wonders.

by Thamirane

I bought a bottle of the 3in1 Glutahione X10 250ml+ Niacinamide Serum 30ml. At first I was a little sceptical about the produt as this is the first time I will be using this product. After only 3 days I contacted Dr. Cathrine cause I wanted to know when I will start to notice a difference in my skin. Dr. Cathrine explained to me that it will take a little longer, and that I need to continue using the product as described. So I did! After only 2 weeks my friend started to notice the difference in my skin, she become so excited and she is my senior boss from Department of Health. Thank you for a quality product and outstanding service.


Hi guys, this is only a review I’m not here trying to sell something. I found Ultra Maxx on this site and tried it and still using it. I have lighten considrably so far. I love this I have been dealing with discoloration skin for a while. I found this product and began to give it a try. So far so good I’m using the serum and the cream combination and it’s doing amazing for my skin. I hope this review helps.

Wow! I have been using this products forever and just thought I'd do a review. Breakouts where a real problem for me for a while because of stress and it really left some horrendous dark spots on my face. Since I've been using this I notice they are fading like crazy and my face is moisturized and glowing even when the weather is cold and dry LOL! Normally when the temps drop I get really ashy everywhere including my face but now my face is moisturized, glowing, and my dark spots are almost gone. My advice is if you have dark spots to Try it now!

I am very happy with the results from using  your products. It has changed my appereance and I could see a difference after using it for 3 weeks. I conitue using these products and will never stop using it.

Thank you for being chosen to be your next Client of the Month. I will enjoy my perfume.
by Jona

I used Ultra Maxx L-Glutathione Complex with Ascorbic Acid capsules for a couple a months with amazing results, but then I went on useing the Glutathione and vitamin C IV. I wasn't all that happy with the IV, and it is very expensive so I went back to using Ultra Maxx L-Glutathione Complex with Ascorbic Acid, and I am HAPPY again and place my order every month.


I started to use Ultra Maxx capsules which make my skin go smooth after 2 month use but could not see a diference at first. I contacted Dr. Cathrine who advised me how to take the product and to increase my dosage over a period of time. Since I am a female my body weight and lifestyle counts and can effect the results. I have a very black skin tone and needed to continue using this product until I am happy with my skin. Thank You.

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