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How to care for your skin

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(1). Makeup Wipes are a Big NO, NO, because they are: Full of stripping alcohol, full of chemicals, contain preservatives, moves dirt and grime around the face blocking pores and push makeup into the pores.

(2). Morning Cleanse: - In the morning we have to cleanse off the previous night creams, as the skin regenerates overnight there will be by products such as oils and dead skin cells that need to be removed. Cleansing at any time of the day will help stimulate lymph flow to drain toxins and in creases blood flow for more oxygen circulation in the skin.

(3). Night Time Cleanse: - At night we will do a double cleanse, the first of which is needed to remove makeup or products we may have appllied earlier in the day and they could clog the pores if left on for the night, the second cleanse will cleanse deeper into your pores. It's also going to remove any environmental stresses and your squeaky clean skin will allow for better penetration of rejuenating night products that you will be using.

(4). Exfoliation: - Micro-exfoliating or buffing products are very gentle on the skin and work very superficially i.e they are just working directly on the surface of your skin and are not penetrating to lower layers. Exfoliants work a little harder on the skin hence why they are not used as often.  

(5). Toner: - Used to balance to pH of the skin (5.5) and used to tighten pores. Can be used to hydreate or combat oiliness depending on the ingredients. Come in a bottle or in spritz contained for easier application.

(6). Serun: - Gives extra nourishment to the skin in the form of peptides plumping up skin, stimulating collagen and elastin. They have better penetration than a moisturiser due to its molecular structure.

(7). Eye Cream: - The skin around the eyes is so delicate and requires a cream or serum with a different molecular structure as a result. like the rest of the skin on the face it can become dry or dehydrated and is an area that a lot of people get little white heads - know as milia. Eye cream can help prevent these milia as well as treating puffiness, dark circles, and premature aging.  

(8). Moisturiser: - Should be used by all skin types - even oily as the skin can still be dehydrated. Moisturising will make skin more elastic and supple and should be used by men and women, but it must be specific to your skin type.

(9). SPF: - Sun protection is essential every day - not just in direct sunlight. It will protect against damage such as premature ageing brought on by damage to the collagen and elastin in your skin, skin cancers, pogmentation, burning and other conditions that can occure to the effects of UVA and UVB rays.
All of the above is be done on a daily basis and then once a week a deeper form of exfoliation and mask should be applied to the skin.

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